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Philly Rumours

Reprinted without permission or care from the Philladelphia Daily News
Appeared Jully 11th, 1997

 Another scary gal, screechy chanteuse Ani DiFranco, reassures the
upcoming Spin magazine that love hasn't changed her. She's engaged to
sound engineer Andrew Gilchrist. ``The thing that makes our relationship 
so perfect is that it's so dubiously gendered,'' she says. ``We take 
turns. It's supposed to be, `Oh, big righteous babe falling for a man.
Boo, hiss, taboo, betrayal.' And it's like, `You should see him! He's
more of a girl than I am!' ''

Aside Note: a) yes, andrew gilchrist="goat". b)Not everything you read is accurate..ani has now entered the hype media and is just hanging on for the ride. It could be true, but until you ask ani and she tells you hersef, keep an open mind!:)
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