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Articles and Reviews Land

Nowadays ani is everywhere it seems and this page was getting to be a bitch to load, so you will now find a link to articles and reviews 1995 and earlier. anything to do with NAPG and earlier you'll find on that page. all new aditions will be here. if you find anything out there that i don't have, mail me!

The ADVOCATE cover and interview
Thought i'd buy it..but didn't...$$$$..NEW
Sessions @ West 54th Interview
Did you see it? i didn't..kewl interview though..NEW
2 1998 Articles
From the LoNdOn TiMes and from BILLBOARD magazine. NEW
Ani in CHART (canadian) '96
Really cool article w/cute NEVER B4 SEEN pictures *w
Ani has the Answer
From the Berkely show, Halloween 1997
Rolling Stone: Women of Rock Issue
The wondrrful interview (sorry no pic as of yet) thanx to Lauren!
Pitchfork: Ani DiFranco
it's an interview...interesting...sorta...(:
Ani in Santa Cruz
Ani in NJ with bob
review of the show (glowing towards the folksinger)
Washington Post reviews LIC
Boston Pheonix reviews LIC
Label them mavericks, successful ones, too
Best Music Poll 1996--Ani DiFranco
NEW (but old)
Punkette Poet
NEW (but a review of Dilate)
Newport 1996
NEW *but old*
Ani in Toronto with Bob Dylan
Review of the 08/07/97 concert from the Toronto Sun (with PIC!)
Ani in Montreal with Bob Dylan
Review of the 08/05/97 concert from the Ottawa Citizen
Billboard Daily
ani to be heard on ANOTHER album
Ani & IG in NY
includes a QuickTime video of ani that night!
Ani in Atlanta
Amazing review and pics! NEW
This Girl Kicks Ass!
from Dilate time, but a very revealing interview!NEW here...
PEOPLE mag article...97...with pics...
interviewing ani
Acoustic Guitar World Interview (97)
complete with pics!
SPIN august 97
Cover grrl....with all the pictures!
Philly Rumours
Appeared July 11...ani is engaged...??
An Indpendent Spirit
Nowhere else on the net!*and it works this time!*
Rolling Stone Mag Review
Review of Live performance
Review of LIC in Rolling Stone
Q & A from Details 97
Includes the wondrrful Picture!!
Independent's Day
From the Chicago Tribune
Review of Living in Clip
Ani Does Dusty
ani's covering an old tune in a new movie!
TV Guide review of LIC
VH1:Living in Clip to be released
Video clips and sound clips
Dilate Review
Sound clips included
CFUV review
Press Network
Utah Phillip's Press ReleaseThe Chick Singer
WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. article
Meyerhoff, 1996
Singer attracts many audiences
GUITAR WORLD interview
Dilate Review
Yet Another Dilate Review
Ani at the Ritz
March 6, 1997
MetroActive Music
Inside Out:Ani DiFranco
Inside Out: Folk, Funk, and F-words
Review of Dilate in the Advocate
a little something on ani
Dilate Music Preview
Sound clips!
Interview with Ani
another little something on Dilate
Hot Wired Article
Westchester Weekly Interview
Very informative (2 pages)
FAME review of Dilate
Ani at Meyerhoff
A little on RBR!
Article from SunRae
Thanks alecia*s*
Entertainent Weekly
Mr.Showbiz Review
Living in Clip
Mr.Showbiz Review
Interview with Ani
Funky riffs, mature lyrics add zest to Dilate
Review of Dilate
MTV Reviews L.I.C.
Newport Festival article
Newport again...
some kewl prrson's site
The Fiercest Folkie
October 31, 1996
The Seductive Tyranny Of Youth

articles and reviews 1995 and earlier

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