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Making Music

Ani DiFranco -- "I see it as a political act to tell your story, because most stories aren't told in the media and history
books and such places. Just to open your mouth and make some noise is the first step," says Ani DiFranco in an article by
Erin O'Briant in the March 3, 1995 edition of Etc. magazine (published in Atlanta). Ani is an out bisexual 24-year-old
from New York. Ani's seventh CD, "Not a Pretty Girl," is due out in June. 

Ani can't remember when she "came out," according to the article. "I've never hidden anything about myself, so I didn't
have anywhere to come out from. I wasn't in anywhere." Ani was asked if she has a significant other. Her answer? "Yes,
no. It's not that I want to be evasive, it's just that it doesn't break down that way for me. I'm not the kind of person who
has a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It's much more nebulous than that." 

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