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the chick singer

Info and Classifieds Land

Hey KIDS! This is a very ROUGH attempt at what will 
become a great page with your help! 

WANTED: Any comments, suggestion, rumours, facts, 
wants, needs, complaints about Ani!
 mail me 


Miss. Ms. Mr. Ani (AHHHH-NEEEE) Maria(?) DiFranco (DE-FRANK-OH)

(rumour is) September 23, 1970 (do the math!)

Never enough (10 for now, one coming in february (14th..or around there..who knows, maybe heidi was lying!) Check HERE for the complete list along with lyrics!

First Album To Get:
(consensus is) Not A Pretty Girl
runners up: Like I Said, Out of Range, Ani Difranco (the first album)

Cutest Attribute:
That nervous laugh of hers!

Favourite Quote:
Is that a dick in your pocket or are you trying to record me?

Anywhere and everywhere, all the time! check POLLSTAR for more info!

Pick up Line:
make me an offer

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Satus:
Well, Andrew is her man *yeah goat man* [No, NOT andy stochansky, THAT's her drummer..canadian boy!:)]

Touring With:
Well, at the moment, andy stochansky on drums and percussion (and harmonica and guitar on those *odd* days)
live Jason Mercer on bass (upright bass!wOO go baby!)
Heidi-HO! (like u had to ask..Heidi, the beautiful, effervesceny Mistress of the Merch [merchandise, she sells the merchandise!!])
Sound technicians and fun ppl who know what they're doing on the good days on the LOVE bus! (*wave to the bus*) (what happened to the van ani!?!?)
find more info on those bus people here

Who's Sara Lee and what happened to her?:
Sara Lee (the bassist *mistress of the low amp (end?)*) on Living In Clip, toured with ani while the Indigo Girls were taking a *hiatus* she's back with IG right now (labeled the *fashoin consultant* at a recent concert!) and is happy..and NO ani and her never fought (well, they don't despise eachother, stop wasting breath...anyhooo Sara rawks and if ya get a chance to see her with the Indigo Girls do it..cuz they rawk too! The Indigo Girls?

Rumor Mill and Personal Qs about Ani:
Q: Is it true ani's really not dating the goat and is sleeping with Heidi and just isn't telling anyone?
A: (after rolling on the ground for an hour in histerics) NO! Ani IS with the goat still (Mr Dilate), she says it in the Details Q&A. As for Heidi, i don't know i don't care i really don't want to know... what's in your closet?

Should i start a webpage for Ani?
is there something that you have that no one else out there has? probably not, so in short, no. link pages are a great idea, one page is great...but it's really a waste of time to go doing a website like this or alan's cuz they're already here and available. and i'm not saying this to be mean or offensive or selfish, just look around. there are tons of redundant crap out there...that nobody's really getting anything new out of and it's making ani look deathly commercial. need i remind everyone of tori amos??

Seriously kids, i'll answer these questions but RESPECT ani and her privacy, no one wants someone trudging throught their garbage..whatever you want to know about ani is in her music, it's what she puts out there for us,...relate to it, revel in it, take something home with you and curl up in it! but don't go building mountains for this womyn..she's amazing and gifted, but no one is god. (dess).


Well, i'll start so all answers can be mailed to me:

My own boot collection Click here to see the list.
PLEASE NOTE: TAPE TREE FOR THE VIDEO COMPILATION FULL!! Katis looking for the Shy single. Dennis Kelly is looking for any ani boots
Alecia has a video compilation of ani which she's willing to trade as well as many bootlegs. contact for more info.
sprawl on the ground
New guitar TABS are also constantly being searched for as well, so even if you think it's not that great, post it up! TABS wanted: Circle of Light Glass House

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