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Little Plastic CastlesLittle Plastic Castles
Living in ClipLiving In Clip
More Joy Less ShameMore Joy Less Shame
Not A Pretty GirlNot A Pretty Girl
Out of RangeOut of Range
Like I SaidLike I Said
Puddle DivePuddle Dive
Not So SoftNot So Soft
The First AlbumAni DiFranco
Women in (e)MotionWomen in (E)motion

sitting in the blue

Merchandise Land

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POSTERS~*~T-SHIRTS~*~How do i order?
LITTLE PLASTIC CASTLES (may be a new title coming along...) is set to be released in February 1998! Heidi and one RBR guy have stated the 14th as the precise date, but you never know! Info can be found on it's page!


Living in Clip (1997)
More Joy Less Shame (1996)
The Past Didn't Go
Anywhere (Utah Phillips) (1996)
Dilate (1996)
Not A Pretty Girl (1995)
Out of Range (1994)
Like I Said (1993)
Puddle Dive (1993)
Imperfectly (1992)
Not So Soft (1991)
Ani DiFranco (1990)

**NOTE: All these are orderable by calling 1-800-ON-HER-OWN (Righteous Babe Records (RBR), Ani's own label)
Tapes: (excluding Living In Clip & More Joy Less Shame) $10/US, $12/CA.
CDs : (Living in Clip is $25/US) (More Joy Less Shame $8/US) $15/US, $18/CA
~add $1 for postage and handling in US and CA, $4 for outside the US and Canada
IMPORTWomen in (e)Motion from CD Now!
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are also available ($7/US, $8/CA)
*Surfin' USA (Living in Clip)
*Ani on Stage (Living in Clip)
*Ani & Utah P. (the past didn't go anywhere)
*Not A Pretty Girl
*Like I Said
~add $3 for handling inside US/CAN, $6/overseas
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How can I order?


100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and dyed with natural pigments only. Ani designed 'em!
*The "tool" tee
Front: Righteous Babe logo (left breast)
Back "every tool is a weapon if you hold it right --ad"
Colors: Mocha, Willow, Brick
Sizes: L, XL, XXL

*The "dilate" tee
Front: Righteous Babe Logo (left breast)
Back: "so i'll walk the plank and i'll jump with a smile
if i'm gonna go down i'm gonna do it with style
and you won't see me surrender
you won't hear me confess
cuz you've left me with nothing
but i've worked with less --ad"
Color: Charcoal w/red & white text
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

*Not A Pretty Girl tee
no longer in catalogue
*Living in Clip tee
Front: Ani photo (album cover) and title logo
Back: Babe logo (center) Color: Jet black w/blue photo & red text Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

*The embroidered tees
Front: Righteous Babe logo (left breast)
Colors: Black w.white trim & red & white embroidery; White w/black trim & black-and-yellow embroidery
Sizes: Women's S, M, L
(but you can fit guys into 'em if they got two arms or less...and a head)
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Righteous Babe Records
P.O. Box 95
Ellicott Station
Buffalo, NY 14205-0095

or call


Info line: (716) 852-7978

Fax: (716) 852-2741

Check ani out at CD Now! Order online!

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